- 12.06.1999 - SCOTTISH RALLY

In Stena Line Ulster Rally with Corsa

Getting touch to tarmac-surface in Happy Beach asphaltrallysprint competiton.
Marko Ipatti and co-driver Kari Kajula are competing in Stena Line Ulster Rally 30. and 31. of July. Rally includes 20 tarmac special stages. Marko didn`t drive in previous round of British Championships Seat Jim Clark Memorial Rally, but will partake Finnish World Championship round Neste Rally Finland with Opel Corsa KIT CAR.

Marko get touch to tarmac-surface while taking part in Happy Beach Asphaltrallysprint event in Vaala with group A Opel Astra rallycar. He was 11. overall and sixth in his class among rallysprint specialists.


- 12.06.1999 - SCOTTISH RALLY

Unlucky again

Fortune seems to reject Marko Ipatti and development project of Opel Corsa Maxi KIT CAR. This year`s Scottish rally ended for him even before start when timing chain went broke and Corsa`s engine damaged.

KIT-CORSA draws attention in scuteering.

Two weeks before Scottish rally Marko and Wizard Motorsport adjusted and tested Corsa in Oulu, Finland. Few Problems, which affected in Pirelli-Rally, were solved and everything seem to be okay. But when testing in gravel road nearby Oulu something unexpected happened. Corsa`s steering broke down in about 100 km/h speed. Car went of the road and destroyed completely. Wizard-Motorsport built new car only in two weeks time and it completed just before Scottish Rally.


- 4.5.1999 - PIRELLI-RALLY -

Problems in Pirelli-Rally

A brand-new Corsa KIT CAR was not still at its best in International Pirelli Rally. Marko and Kari had only a short test before rally and they suffered Corsaīs engine and power steering problems. Finally they had to stop at eight stage, first of second day. Before that they already had got a lot of penalty minutes because of long lasting repairing sessions.

"Before next event we will test Corsa in Finland for three days, so I am sure we will get car much more reliable. Car seems to be very fast and  we are looking forward to Scottish Rally." Tells Marko about future plans.

- 21.4.1999 - PIRELLI-RALLY -

Corsa Maxi Kit Car world premiere in Pirelli-Rally

Marko Ipatti and Kari Kajula are going to compete in Pirelli-rally next weekend with Opel Corsa Maxi KIT CAR. This is Corsa KIT CARīs first appearance in worldīs rallystages.

Pirelli-rally stages are mostly familiar to finnish driver from last yearīs competition, when they make even one fastest stagetime with N-group Mitsubishi Carisma. "Corsa`s speed is still quite mystery, but everything seems promising. We don`t have so much time to test brand-new rallycar." Says Marko.



This year BRC series with Corsa Maxi Kit Car

Last years good performanses in Mobil 1 Championship series brought Marko and Kari new challenges. They are changing their rallycar from Mitsubishi Carisma to Opel Corsa. Opel Motorsport Germany registers these two finns to this year British Rally Championship series with newlyclassified Opel Corsa Maxi Kit Car. Service and other arrangement are taken care by Wizard Motorsport.

Unfortunately they had to exclude Rally of Wales from their program because car didn`t get ready early enough.

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